The IAA Academic English Program (AEP) is a comprehensive program for English language learners. It is designed to meet the specific needs of Chinese high school and college students who want to be fully prepared for admittance to and success in well-respected colleges and universities in the United States.

This intensive academic English language program promotes the development of essential language and critical thinking skills in five areas:  listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. A student-centered classroom provides participants with the opportunity to experience a Western approach to language learning in the context of their own culture. This unique learning opportunity provides the perfect setting for a rich cross-cultural educational experience. 


The AEP Difference

  • A comprehensive skill-based curriculum that provides a broad range of content and demands a high standard of academic integrity for both students and faculty
  • A complete course of English language study that includes all four domains of language acquisition and focused study of the form, meaning, and use of English grammar
  •  Distinctly leveled core courses, with students group according to proficiency level
  • A vertically aligned curriculum that assures smooth transition as students progress from one core course to the next
  • A student-centered, interactive learning environment with an emphasis on critical thinking and student autonomy
  • An approach to language learning that develops communicative competence through research-based best practices
  • An array of content courses that are typically offered in American high schools
  • Specific TOEFL and SAT prep courses that focus on test-taking strategies and content
  • A direct correlation to the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and the ACTFL Standards for Foreign Language Learning