The mission of IAA's College Admissions Prep (CAP) is to counsel, guide, and assist domestic and international students in achieving their dreams of admission into the perfect university. 


Certification: Principles & Standards

CAP is a full-certified Agency Member of the American International Recruitment Council, a non-profit organization comprised of hundreds of US higher education institutions, schools, and education agencies.

CAP abides by AIRC’s ethical standards for the recruitment of international students and member organization frameworks. CAP abides by the Independent Education Consultants Association’s (IECA) Principles of Good Practice and IECA Standards for Excellence.

Through its membership in standards-based international recruiting and application of principles and standards, CAP maintains transparency and integrity throughout the student advisory process.


Our method

The college application process can be daunting and scary. That is why IAA will gives you the necessary support services to help you get admitted into the university of your dreams.  With IAA’s years of experience in the American education system, CAP not only gets you into a university, we also enable you to succeed and graduate after you’ve been admitted by involving you at every step of the way while coaching and prepping you for your studies in American.  

With our method, we break down the application process into short goals to help you achieve your ultimate dream of admission into the perfect university.


Step 1: Start thinking about University early

With CAP services you can:

  •  Take an informed and targeted approach to your college planning, which helps you get into the college of your dreams, as early as 3 years in advance.

  • Know exactly what courses you need to take in order to make yourself a competitive college applicant
  • Get targeted coaching on how to improve performance and skills in your classes
  • Figure out which colleges would be right for you, and receive help with researching your college options, and deciding which schools to apply to.


Step 2: The College Search

With CAP services you can:

  • Make informed decisions on which schools would be your reach, competitive, and safety schools based on your full applicant profile

  • Take an expert assessment to figure out what your personality and academic strengths are, what kinds of universities would be right for you, and which specific schools you should apply to
  • Get help organizing your potential universities’ admissions requirements, and develop yourself to exceed their basic admissions requirements.
  • Figure out a proactive approach to establishing and maintaining contact with university personnel towards admission

Step 3: Find out the application your school uses & application deadlines

With CAP services you can:

  • Get expert step-by-step help with the Common Application, or other universities’ applications all the way to application submission

  • Develop and draft each section of the application so that your applicant strengths shine through clearly and directly
  • Get advice on how to minimize weaker parts of your applicant profile, and how to minimize its effect on other parts of your application

Step 4: Make a list of what else you need, when you need it by, and make a schedule

With CAP services, you can:

  • Get advice on how to strengthen your current applicant profile across all areas as you get ready to apply

  • Organize and make sure all school reports, transcripts, and supporting documents are arranged and sent to your applying universities successfully according to deadlines
  • Get specialized coaching on which teacher can write you the strongest letters of recommendation, and procedures for preparing recommendation letter materials

Step 5: Prepare for and Take the appropriate exams at the appropriate times

With CAP services, you can:

  • Figure out which standardized exams to take, when to take them, and if you should re-take them based on previous scores.

  • Determine what scores you need to get or exceed in order  to make yourself a competitive applicant to your targeted universities
  • Assess where your standardized testing scores fit with  the rest of your applications strengths

Step 6: Complete Your Application

With CAP services, you can:

  • Take a targeted approach to completing each step of the Common Application or separate university application so that each component you include is flawlessly written and makes your strengths stand out

  • Make sure each application is pitch perfect and error free
  • Get targeted help researching each university’s Common Application university-specific supplement essays.
  • Ensure that every component of your college application is completed and submitted flawlessly!

Step 7: Write and perfect your college essay / personal statement

With CAP services and expert advisors’ help, you can:

  • Get expert advice on what aspect(s) to share about yourself in order to round out your applicant profile.

  • Pick the best possible essay topic from the Common Application choices that would bring out your strengths and be an asset to your application
  • Get expert and close help brainstorming, drafting, and polishing your essay(s)

Step 8: Create and format your activity list / resume

With CAP services you can:

  • Avoid the common mistakes many applicants make when creating a resume

  • Get close help highlighting and writing the points which best reflect your achievements, professional milestones, and growth.
  • Format your resume into a concise, clear, and persuasive document

Step 9: Prepare for and ace your college interview

With CAP services you can:

  • Get expert advice on how to approach, formulate, and present your specific responses to the most common applicant interview questions

  • Get personal coaching from our expert CAP advisors on avoiding interview mistakes
  • Practice and train with CAP advisors so that you are relaxed, confident, and prepared.

Additional Services: Transcript Evaluation

With CAP services, you can:

  • Simply give or send us your Official University transcript and diploma material, and we will arrange the evaluation service for you from one of CAP’s transcript evaluation agencies

  • Make sure each of your required transcript evaluations are successfully received by each university admissions office, so they can move forward with considering your application.

additional services: TAckling the TOEFL

With CAP services, you can:

  • Assess what standardized tests (SAT/ACT; TOEFL; AP/IB etc.) and scores you need for your targeted universities, and create a focused plan of action towards meeting your standardized testing score goals

  • Develop necessary test-taking skills through CAP advisor coaching
  • Get expert resources on reviewing and developing your academic strengths, along with supplementing and remedying areas which need improvement
  • Get resources and academic tutoring towards strengthening all academic areas of your applicant profile.

last step: VISA Prep

With CAP services, you can:

  • Understand the visa process and get help filling out all required forms.

  • Schedule your visa interview, collect all required documents you will be asked for by the visa interviewer
  • Familiarize yourself with the visa interview, and get specific help with your visa interview question responses towards successfully obtaining  your student visa!