Project Description

The G100 World Famennial Tour Project is jointly organized by Ningbo University and the International Academic Alliance. Ningbo University International Exchange College is responsible for the management of the project, the US International Academic Union is responsible for the project teaching, quality control and elite apply for work. The course is designed to help Chinese high school graduates become a strong competitor to apply for entry into the global elite.

Ningbo University International Exchange College is one of the 21 colleges of Ningbo University, Ningbo University is the international window, responsible for Ningbo University students enrollment and management, as well as Sino-foreign cooperative education project held. The success of the twenty-one years of Sino-Canadian cooperation in the project by the Ministry of Education experts as "domestic Sino-foreign cooperative education project success model."

The American International Academic Union (IAA) is headquartered in Manhattan, New York, USA, and is one of the world's leading international educational institutions. The team is dedicated to creating personalized educational models for American and international students. Over the years, IAA has made great efforts to promote the internationalization of higher education, working with universities and educational research institutions around the world.

G100 Program in Ningbo


project objectives

The project aims to guide the excellent students to successfully apply for the examinations and admission conditions required by the global elite. Through a year or so, at the Ningbo University International Exchange College received from the United States International Academic Union directly employ the international teacher team of rigorous training and guidance, students are expected to achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Fully prepared in the world famous school in English for research study;

  2. In the TOEFL / IELTS test and the US college entrance examination made high marks, admitted to the university;

  3. Completion of AP courses and part of the university credit courses, reflecting the excellent academic level and university learning ability;

  4. Record professional leadership training experience to ensure that valuable universities apply for a letter of recommendation.


main course

The focus of the program is to develop high English proficiency for success in American university study and to ace in the TOEFL and SAT standardized tests.  In selecting students, TOP Global universities look beyond test and high school grades. They look for motivation, curiosity, energy, leadership ability, and distinctive talents to be certain that the student will not only be successful in his/her work at their university, but they will to contribute to their university’s prestige as a fine alumnus.  Therefore, the G100 curriculum includes the following:

  1. TOEFL and SAT Test Preparation: Face to face classroom teaching with additional with award winning online programs and expert teachers

  2. Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: These courses will demonstrate that students are motivated and learn beyond the required high school curriculum

  3. English Language Arts (ELA:  English proficiency learned through social studies, literature, history, expository and creative writing will help build students’ English proficiency to standardized exams.  More importantly, the ELA provide students with knowledge in Western culture while developing critical thinking skills, academic research and writing skills needed for college success.

  4. College Credit Courses:  We bring American University to the high school.  We achieve this by offering the exact same course taken by American students in their year in American universities.  Offered in partnership with Syracuse University, and taught by t heir adjunct professors, these courses bridge students’ skills to university level.  They learn about the requirements and expectations of an American university course and the rigor that is required to pass these courses.  Completing these courses with a good grade will impress the admission officers in the TOP Global universities.

  5. Projects:  These projects are led by American University Professors that challenge the students’ inspiration, creativity, motivation, planning action steps, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication and leadership skills.  Students will  pair with other Chinese or American students to work cooperatively in STEM or Arts projects under the mentorship of the American Professor.  The students will make a presentation of the final product and publish it through TED Talk or other literary publication channels.  These projects will set the G100 students apart from other traditional Chinese applicants.   

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