With a growing number of students applying to the most selective colleges having an A average and top test scores, it has become harder for these colleges to differentiate students using these 2 metrics. Faced with application numbers at record highs, these highly selective colleges are forced to look for subjective new metrics when making decisions on applications. Although GPAs and test scores remain the top deciding factor, admission officer are adding other criteria to demonstrate that the student is a best fit for them.

International High School Honors is a rigorous extracurricular program that prepares students from Grade 7 to 12 for study in the world most selective high schools, colleges and universities.  We teach, train and mentor students to be deep thinkers with advanced English language literacy, advanced academic standing, and 21st century leadership skills and competencies.  Students emerge from International High School Honors as well-rounded, competitive candidates for admission to elite educational institutions internationally.

International High School Honors in Shenzhen

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Peddie Education Group, China

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International Academic Alliance, USA

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International high school honors in Xuzhou


International Academic Alliance, USA


Jiangsu Normal University Affiliated Experimental School

Customized Plan


Each student is a unique individual with a personal set of goals.  Upon entry, we evaluate the student’s academic and personal achievements, and make a gap analysis to identify areas of strength and weakness. The student is assigned a highly experienced mentor who will develop a study plan jointly with the student, and track and guide the students’ progress throughout the entire program.

Advanced English Language Literacy Model


All English classes are taught by well-trained native English language speakers, both online and in-person in small group settings. Students develop a complex set of advanced English language literacy skills to enable communication, spoken and written, in diverse ways and with diverse audiences in order to access educational and social opportunities, find and use information, and meet personal goals.  

Advanced Academic Standing


Students are introduced to the academic structure of the American university through Syracuse University’s Project Advance (SUPA) program.  SUPA courses bear college credits that are eligible for transfer to most universities in America and other Western countries.

Over 95% of universities in the USA accept SUPA course credits. The following is a sample list:

  • Boston University

  • Brown University

  • Cornell University

  • Dartmouth College

  • Duke University

  • Harvard University

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Miami University

  • Northwestern University

  • University of California-Los Angeles

  • University of Chicago

  • University of Michigan

  • University of North Carolina

  • University of Virginia

Prestigious Academic Connections


International Honors students have the opportunity to be competitively selected to participate in a year-long exchange program at the BASIS Schools, the top-ranked American high schools.  Students will gain recognition for their academic abilities and receive credits for transfer to top schools and colleges in America and other Western countries.



In the extremely competitive environment of elite university admissions, Project Learn allows students to build an impressive portfolio to differentiate themselves from other applicants. Working with experts in the industry and academia, students hone their skills in creative problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration, use of information technology, conducting scientific inquiry, research protocols, leadership, organizing events, public and persuasive speaking, and publication of their work.

Our students create innovative and thought provoking projects while in high school under the guidance of IAA’s ProjectLearn mentors.

College Admissions Prep (CAP) Premium

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Our CAP Premium team of advisors and consultants are not only IVY League graduates or affiliates.  They have an extensive track record of getting students into their dream Ivy League and top universities around the world.  CAP Premium services high school, undergraduate and graduate admissions applications to top world universities in the USA, Canada and England.

One-on-One Tutoring

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To further attend to our students’ learning needs, we offer on-demand, one-on-one tutoring with expert teachers. Whether the tutoring is for acquiring Academic English skills, help with homework in your international high school, or preparation for the IB, AP, or SAT exams, we handpick experts specialized in each subject area or exam.

eLnet, Learning Platform


Our learning platform, the eLnet, supports students’ time management, project management, CAP application tracking, portfolio and personal profile creation.  eLnet helps International Honors teachers and mentors tracks students’ progress, measures the effectiveness of the tutors, and provides outcomes and assessments to students and their parents.