Student Support Services (S3) helps international students make a smooth transition to all aspects of life at American schools and universities. S3 works to forge strong, mutually beneficial partnerships between international students and their families, American schools/universities, and future career networks. 

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that only 44% of international students complete their college degree in 4 years. Roughly 25% of Chinese students studying in the US go on academic probation.  We understand the hardship and have developed the Student Support Services (S3) to give struggling students the solution.


S3 puts your academic and career success first.   We go beyond the traditional support services that colleges offer.  Here are some of the steps we take to help you thrive:

  • Assessment: Evaluate your academic proficiency & personal aptitude 
  • Mentor matching:  Assign you a mentor based on your score, academic/career focus
  • Study Plan: Design a plan for your studies, events & habits in order to reach your goals
  • Progress Tracking:  Track monthly progress analytics on our platform for parents, students and mentor 
  • Evaluation:  Assess the efficacy of the program & apart the study plan to improve results
  • hat's next? Create new pathways to your next career or academic goals

Through inspiration, education, and guidance, our students are taught not only to aspire, but to excel.
— M.H.

Success MOdule

Academic Success is an all-in-one package designed to mold you into a successful student. Your tutors are graduates or faculty at top universities.  They share secrets to being a top student and teach you to become one.  Here's how:

  • Academic Success Orientation before school starts. Familiarizes you with all aspects of student life 
  • 13 Academic Success Training Modules enhance your role in the classroom, maximize your time management and perfect your study skills. We shape you into a well-rounded student
  • Timely tutoring services to enhance your educational experience and performance
  • Progress monitoring to keep you track with your study goals 
  • Connections with high-performing students across USA build your motivation for self-improvement
  • Plus other specialized services included! 


Our leadership development program deepens your critical thinking and problem solving ability. We help you emerge as a confident leader, well-versed intellect and ethical global citizen. Here's how:

  • Seminars by distinguished speakers from top universities and companies
  • Workshops to promote personal growth, self-awareness, discipline and motivation
  • Activities for team-building and leadership skill experience
  • Successful practices for corporate and organizational development
  • Networking events with professionals in your respective industry


Career Direction helps you find the best career path. We teach you to confidently market yourself and get the job of your dreams. The relationships you build in our program will be an invaluable asset throughout your professional career. Here's how:

  • Self-assessment for a better understanding of your interests, aptitude and personality type
  • Intensive workshops guide your career planning and professional networking
  • Develop resume-writing and job interview skills
  • Career-based competitions and internships train you to excel
  • Build connections with prominent associations and industry contacts
  • Speaker series by top university faculty and competitive industry experts  
  • Learn communication and people skills necessary for success


You name it, we’ll arrange it! Consider this your gateway to extracurricular student planning. We ensure that your S3 activities are aligned so you can focus on your academic goals.

For example, you can count on us to:

  • Arrange your travels. International, domestic or local trips
  • Set-up your doctors’ visits. For first-time and follow-ups
  • Facilitate apartment hunting and negotiating
  • Assist with setting up a bank account and other personal accounts
  • Arrange social activities and specialized 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  • Help you make connections with your peers and industry professionals
  • Give you tips on social and cultural norms


We help you turn your academic weakness into your strength. We coach you on how to be at the top of your class in any given subject.

  • Subject experts who are experienced in tutoring students like you
  • Flexible meeting schedules, whether in person, online, or web-conferencing
  • 24-hour turn-around to meet your course deadlines
  • Diagnostic tests to assess your needs for on-point, relevant tutoring
  • Analytics that tract your progress and identify areas needing improvement
  • Improve your test scores and course grades