The mission of UPrep is to acclimate high-achieving high school students and recent high school graduates to the expectations of American college-level coursework.  

Letter from the Dean of the Continuing Education Dept, SUNY New Paltz

The University Prep Program (UPrep)is a collaboration between the State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY New Paltz) and IAA.  Through a combination of Academic English, TOEFL and SAT courses, and SUNY New Paltz college credit courses, Uprep is designed to meet the specific needs of Chinese high school graduates who want to be fully prepared for admission to and succeed in well-respected colleges and universities in the United States.  Uprep enables students to save up to one year of college credits at their transferring institution in the US. 

IAA partners with SUNY New Paltz University to facilitate University in the High School (UHS) course offerings.  These UHS courses are credit-bearing courses and will be accepted by SUNY NP if the student should apply and be admitted to the university.  Other colleges, in the United States or elsewhere, may also accept this credit according to their own admission standards and requirements.

SUNY New Paltz Courses

  • ARH200 Introduction to the Visual Arts – 3 credits

  • MAT251 Calculus I – 4 college credits

  • MAT252 Calculus II – 4 credit

  • HIS221 US History to 1865 – 4 credits

  • PSY272 Introductory Psychology – 3 credits

  • CPS 100 Computers and Applications – 3 credits

  • CPS210 Computer Science I: Foundations – 3 credits

Learning Centers


Qingdao No.9 High School

Sichuan University


Shanghai International Studies University

Partner University

State University of New York, New Paltz

1828 as the New Paltz Classic Academy, New Paltz is the 99th oldest collegiate institution in the country, SUNY New Paltz is one of the more selective colleges in the State University of New York system. The college has a predominately undergraduate focus, and many of the most popular majors are in pre-professional fields -- business, communications, journalism and education. However, the arts, social sciences and humanities are all strong. The college has a 15 to 1 student / faculty ratio, a figure that is better than many larger public institutions. Founded in 1828, SUNY New Paltz is located in an attractive and historic town along the picturesque Hudson River, midway between Albany and New York City.